Villa V

Villa V. is homage to the ‘white city’ architecture of Tel Aviv; simple massing and a rich play of sun and shade which embraces the Mediterranean breeze.

It is a home rather than a house, a place for living where memories are made and life is celebrated with family and friends.

An L shape layout configuration holds most of its social programs while the master bedroom is designed as a home away from home, connected by a bridge to the “main-land”, self- sustained with its own garden and pool.

The lower level of the house follows the same L shape and holds the bedroom suites of the family members who enjoy an intimate inner courtyard open to the sky. Crossed over by what only appears as a spanning mirror; the owner’s bridge bottom is in polished stainless steel which dilutes completely the presence of weight crossing the courtyard, and adds a fantastic realm of imageries to the interior and exterior spaces.