Published August 2013

The Practice Baranowitz Kronenberg Architecture

In this in-depth conversation, illustrated by extensive plans, models, references and photos, we provide a personal analysis of the thinking behind seven of our projects: two hotels, three restaurants, a store and a private home. Incorporating culture, time and place into the design process is fundamental to our Architecture’s approach.

Symbolic starting points as disparate as, among others, the art of origami, a Shabbat tablecloth or an Arab village are patiently explored and reinterpreted architecturally, subtly investing buildings and interiors with the intrinsic coherence and expressive power that are hallmarks of the practice.

This book records the holistic nature of our design philosophy, in which space, form and materials are expressly employed to enhance human experience and social interaction.

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Published January 2017

The Story of a Bank that became a Spa Design Story Publishing

a contemporary take on heritage, architecture, function, renewal and urban aesthetics.

prepare yourself for a fascinating journey into an athenaeum from the past, where secrets and priceless treasures were kept safe for over 100 years.

now transformed into an urban sanctuary, a place of renewal, where the precious treasures of time, vitality and peace of mind are discovered.

welcome to the vault.

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