Sack’s Shops


SACK’S is a rising fashion house inspired by the notion of change, diversity, respect for the different, and the ability to learn and adjust.

The design concept consists of key elements that assist SACK’S conveying their beliefs.

A metal grid system suspended from the ceiling enables any object to be hung at any point in the space, and a shelving system on a ‘need to use’ basis slides into and out of the walls. Wooden “whales” freely swim around the store wherever needed, holding storage in their belly and exhibiting textiles on their back.

Change cabins hang from the metal grid as well and are relocated to suit the floor layout. A metal sheet finish floor curves up at the very end of the store to become a focal point where stainless steel rods make for a playful presentation of gadgets and accessories. Similar to the shelves, each stainless steel rod slides in and out of the metal sheet wall allowing creative presentation possibilities.