Herbert Samuel


Herbert Samuel


Herbert Samuel is located just across the sea shore of Tel Aviv and pays homage to its early days at the beginning of the 20th century when sand dunes were quickly turning into small townhouses, streets and boulevards.

Those times were driven by a passion for building and craftsmanship, honesty of expression and simplicity. This passion found a matching resonance with Chef Yonatan Roshfeld’s culinary quest and our design agenda.

Inspired by Mediterranean building traditions we introduced a wooden Pergola, an imagery of sea dwellers light construction, to be the focal point of the entrance floor.
Under its shutters a food bar serves tapas from around the Mediterranean. The shutters reveal the mood of the floor; closed off for intimacy, open when sharing is desired.
On the upper floor, diners land right into the hands of the chef behind a fully exposed kitchen. Diners are invited to cross over through it and discover the talent behind the dishes. At the other end of the floor, the Mediterranean awaits them.

Delicate textures, colours and shapes honour the history of the city while complimenting the simple yet refined dishes.