The Dolder resort is part and parcel of the collective memory of the people and guests of the city of Zurich.
Located on the Zurichberg hill overlooking the striking panorama of the Zurich Lake and the Alps, it witnessed the city decade after decade climbing up to its feet to celebrate life and nature.

The new Building of The Dolder Waldhaus resurrects from the sloping topography and renders the everlasting relationship between the man-made and nature in a symbiotic balance. The building embraces nature, mountain and lake and would soon retain once again its role as the social, cultural and business hub for the city of Zurich.

The cantilevered gesture of the architecture nesting the Dolderbahn station brings out the sophisticated air of hospitality of The Dolder Waldhaus where reaching out is a cornerstone, and where tradition embodies memories of a city ascending up to nature and stopping at The Dolder.

The space planning of the ground floor echoes the objectives of the architecture. We followed these and introduced some additional personal readings and by meshing these all together we laid the footing for the overall scheme for the restaurant.

The identity of anyplace could be found in its name, or at least parts of it. By uttering its name a world of associations, tastes and textures stirs our emotions.

As identity is the prime instigator of the competition, we couldn’t help but to include the rich and intangible allure of references without which no culinary experience is ever complete. Lacking a title to our story, a few names came to our minds: ‘Aroma’, ‘Terra’, ‘La pergola’, alluding to the melting pot of the Mediterranean with the spirit of the place.