Zozobra Tel Aviv


Zozobra Tel Aviv


Zozobra TLV is the newcomer in the trilogy of Asian fast-good noodle restaurants which were all designed by Baranowitz + Kronenberg.

Inaugurated in 1999, the first Zozobra laid the foundations for its sister restaurants, foundations which have been followed ardently throughout the years: an escapism urban space where communal seating, sharing, video art and a technology-driven service have redefined the meaning of the fast food experience and where value is way beyond the average check.

Zozobra transcends its followers into its fantastic realm inspired by the philosophy of Yin and Yang where contrary forces complement each other, are interdependent and exist through an inspiring synergy.

The use of materials and seating arrangement have not been altered in the following restaurants to come, they have been extracted to their very essence yet in each Zozobra B+K chose to introduce a cultural symbol which stands for the inspiring source behind Zozobra and as contrasting force to its serene space planning.

The Lotus flower abstract installation around the open kitchen in the first restaurant was followed by Origami installation in the second while the current Zozobra in Tel Aviv introduces a take-off on the Chinese’s paper street lanterns by evoking a colossal lantern capturing the entire space and embracing its guests with its magical and dual personality.

Creative Directors: Irene Kronenberg and Alon Baranowitz
Project Leader: Omer Levin Ben Haim
Team: Alma Haberfeld Shalit
Photographer: Amit Geron