Zozobra II


ZOZOBRA was born in 1999. Its baby sister was delivered 12 years later in the industrial area of Kfar-Sabba, just a twenty minutes ride from Tel Aviv.

ZOZOBRA offers a dynamic eating experience through a fast service supported by an energetic cool staff geared with wireless pads, a sizzling state of the art open kitchen, and a local service code which states: no firsts, no mains, whatever is ready is served to the table.

ZOZOBRA is not a romantic space. It is edgy, ecstatic and cool.

ZOZOBRA dresses only in black and white…..

The black table tops serve as the perfect background for the most ecstatic tastes, textures and colours. The white surfaces are a perfect setting for displaying the heart and soul of ZOZOBRA a platform to display it through video art.

We also care about the young clients of ZOZOBRA. We introduced ” ZOZOBRA PARK “, a linear “hilly” play of topography flanking the restaurant where restless kids can play while their parents enjoy a quiet moment….