Zepra is a happy place, a melting pot for Asian cuisines to be shared by happy people. Inspired by the very basic food ingredients, their color, texture and flavors, Zepra celebrates them to the full.

Located in a growing business center in Tel Aviv, two main axes are in the heart of the layout plan of Zepra: The “Day axis” inspired by Asian markets where life simplest needs are served; commerce, food, socializing and daydreaming. This is where the main seating is situated, supported by a busy open kitchen.

The “Night axis”, located perpendicular to the latter, introduces two lounges at its very ends embracing a mega bar in between. Day and night axes cross over at the entrance floor allowing the clients to choose their way.

The space is treated as a box: walls fold into ceiling, ceiling folds into walls, inspired by the weaving crafts of Asian cultures. Behind it, apple green color painted acoustic panels make a natural and fresh background to the weaving work. LED strip lighting located along the folding points accentuates the surfaces of the box. As the day unfolds its colors change to support the mood of the scene. The Kitchen envelope in black paint finish symbolizes the “black box” where knowledge is encrypted.