In a world where information, people and emotions are constantly intertwining, the XBANK concept fits perfectly into time and place.

The design of the XBANK immerses from this “raison d’etre” and nourishes its innovative mind set.

XBANK Is a spatial machine.A machine which can be tuned on a daily basis to display the complexity of its programs.

The choice of the vocabulary displayed evokes a sense ephemeral urbanity.

This refutes a linear movement in space yet entices us to linger, discover and engage in the experience and hybrid collection of the XBANK.

By creating an extra floor level at the height of the existing windows sills, the section of the 1st floor space changes.

This elevated level connects the visitors indoor where the city serves as a theater, where people and design objects are key players.

The introduction of a vertical connection between the art space and the retail space, the integration of the XBANK with the W Welcome area and the W Spa, add new layers of reference that define the XBANK and the W Amsterdam as a true city space which connects people and stimulates the exchange of promising ideas.

In the design, we explored notions which go hand in hand with the XBANK concept:
Change/ dynamics, Temporarily, Flexibility, Versatility, Flow, Play, Explore, Discover, Surprise, Desire for a repeated experience.

To materialize these notions, iconic design key elements were used:
+ the Lego bricks system is based upon modular display boxes all of the same size 180/60/30 cm with special connectors .These boxes are used as floor, steps, display, storage and creates the topography of the store.
+ conveyor belts to creatively display exceptional representations allowing for surprising modes of display and a sense of playful dynamic.
+ A ceiling hanging grid structure, for versatility, change and flow allowing the hanging of different display units: shelves, hangers, signage, etc.

The selected materials used in the design showcase a strong yet restrained industrial theme:
Terrazzo tiles, mdf panels and galvanized steel.

The legacy of the Bank building is attributed with a special homage by introducing into the XBANK the historical safe deposit boxes as a beautiful back drop to the point of sale desk.