Wyndham Grand Hotel


Wyndham Grand Hotel


The Wyndham Grand Frankfurt is designed as an urban platform and a social hub for the locals, the suitors, the trend seekers and the weekenders.

We listened to these groups’ desires and expectations as they are active participants in defining our hotel concept.

Travelers today are looking for a charged, authentic, under the radar experience. They want to feel that each of their fleeting moments in any city is meaningful, well exploited and unforgettable.

Our hotel steps in exactly at this point.

Its design is urban oriented.

It proposes an alternative to Frankfurt’s posh hotels without losing a drop of its ability to serve as a highly competent player in this playground.

We extended the city into our public spaces with the intention to transcend the classical perception of business hotel and move over to an updated mode of engagements.

Our design draws its DNA from the city public venues: inclusive, down to hearth, rough, unexpected, authentic, cool and friendly, to use some of its values.

We expect from our guests and locals to fall for this new alternative and while supported by the best bar and restaurant venues, turn it into an iconic social hub which just happens to have hotel rooms above.