W Ibiza


W Ibiza

Challenged by a beach front Balearic structure from of the 80s, we had to turn it upside down in order for it to become worthy of a social hub that connects with the crowd, sets the scene and sparks the imagination.
While keeping the masses of the existing building intact, we proposed a new balance between interior and exterior that entices the town to enter and make the public spaces part of their daily life. To that end, we dramatically changed this section of the building in pursuit of uninterrupted spaces and views from the drop-off in front of the main entrance out into the sea. This natural flow of energies prevails all over. It serves as an unequivocal desire to bring people together and engage with nature. It resonates perfectly with the sense of place and fits perfectly with the local culture.

The hotel embraces and enhances the relaxed pace and cosmopolitan attitude of Santa Eulalia, resulting in a vibrant escape injected with the playful charm of Ibiza. The carefully selected furnishings, expertly curated street art and spectacular and strategic lighting, combined with the subtle references to the island’s iconic past, makes for a truly unique experience.
It was important to us to capture the spirit of Ibiza throughout this project – laid back, colourful, simple, transparent, engaging and sun soaked – notions which flow through the public and private spaces of the hotel.

‘Flower Power’ was the leading theme for our design strategy which we followed through the resort and with which we rendered the different venues a bold and holistic free-spirit charm. This soft power mind set is amplified through spatial arrangement of spaces, choice of materials and finishes. ‘Effortless’ is a key notion, a second nature to our design which facilitated to achieve an engaging simplicity expressed by a minimum of means: colour, sun and shade.

Spontaneous, bespoke, insightful with an immersive memorable guest experience are the main notions which can best define W Ibiza.

Creative Directors: Irene Kronenberg and Alon Baranowitz

Project Leader: Reut Ravhon

Team: Ira Miller, Emilie Diers Goldstein, Ruthy Rosenheck Berlin, Michal Flomin, Alma Haberfeld Shalit, Jordan Weisberg, Nathalie Levon

Lighting Design: Isometrix, London