Villa Pi

Architecture, when facing the Mediterranean sea, should exhale its breath, relax and enjoy the view.
This villa is a simple box which does exactly that.
One concrete wall marks the entrance door while the other three allow a view to the Mediterranean sea from each and every corner of the house.
The exposed nature of the project required an outer skin to enable the dwellers a sense of privacy and protection from the torrid sun.
Electronically climate controlled brise-Soleil were chosen as the house enveloping suit, one which the house could wear and remove according to its needs.
A new facade typology was born. As each and every space of the house has its own control over the shading mechanism, the facades become the signifiers of the activities within. Observing the house from the street, one could actually read from the angle of the brise-Soleil, the daily chronicles of the place and of the family life.