winner of the restaurant & bar design awards for 2014 middle east and africa restaurant.

winner of the iconic awards for 2014 restaurant interior design.

Topolopompo fire- kitchen restaurant inspired by the exotic culinary traditions of the East is another culinary tour-de-force of the celebrity chef Avi Conforti. Its fire is omnipresent not only in every single dish but also physically as a prominent and active participant in space.

Baranowitz & Kronenberg were Inspired in their design by landscapes of the East; fertile valleys, rice terraces and mountain tops, Topolopompo celebrates this morphology and introduces abundant possibilities for social gatherings along the route from the” valley” to the “mountain top”.

These social landscapes are dominated by a mythical Fire Dragon, which hovers all around the space veiling with its translucent golden tail the different seatings.
The dragon scales echo through hexagon concrete tiles serving as a sensual backdrop for them all.

The light experience within is inspired by the soft and silky resonance of Asian paper lanterns and by the twinkling magical air of the fire-flies.

The alcohol venue of Topolopompo is prevailed by traditional steam-baskets laid one on top of the other, re-inventing function and suggesting a new breed of a cultural surface imprinted with hundreds of years of craft and cooking traditions and a journey through time and place.

Topolopompo is made of Bamboo wood and Lava stone, both incarnate the eternal presence and importance of nature in our life.