A take on Chesterfield / B+K for Lensvelt

Baranowitz + Kronenberg dig into the future for a playful take on the Chesterfield sofa; a bastion in the world of interiors since the 18th century.
Worldly recognized by its deep buttoned upholstery, horizontal back line and rolled arms, B+K extract the essence of its personality and give it a fresh interpretation worthy of the 21stcentury.

B+K converse with the past, the present and the future and embrace the current personal need for self-representation, allowing for the personification of the chair by an easy replacement of its upholstery, making sure that its owners can easily dress it to the event.

A bended metal mesh frame makes for a refined exterior skeleton bearing two rolled up arms that stress the horizontal line of its composition. Upholstery follows the frame and raps around it with grace and clarity, evoking its re-dressing as an effortless practice. Holding it all up are four bended slender tubes; minimal, light and subtle, giving balance and hierarchy to the entire design.

Through their chair design B+K manage to materialize not only the world according to Lensvelt but also one of the essences of the late modern self: its unique desire for authenticity and experiential living.

Photographs by  Jan Willem Kaldenbach