Tapas Ahad Ha’am


Tapas Ahad Ha’am


If we consider the “Tapas 1” as a dish to be prepared, the following recipe would work perfectly.
All of the following steps must be taken with great care and high quality ingredients.


• 20 different kinds of typical colourful Spanish tiles 20×20, just pick the ones you love.
• A box of transparent glass
• 40 sturdy wooden chairs, no matter what kind.
• 60 wood bar stools and two bar counters.
• A handful of simple and robust wood tables
• A spoon of custom made pendant lights
• 10 tins of terra d’ ocra color paint


Pour the colourful tiles in the container, no matter how you mix them, just cover its bottom and its edges with a uniform layer.
Locate the glass box in the middle of it and fill it later with the kitchen equipment.
Arrange along the longer side of the glass box the two bar counters and then distribute the stools.
In the left over space, locate all of the wooden tables and the chairs.
Paint the ceiling of the container in terra d’ocra color.
Finally above each table add the pendant light.