Sir Joan Hotel


Sir Joan Hotel


Sir Joan
Anything about Sir Joan is personal , familiar and magnets our emotions.

We envisioned Sir Joan as a social vessel where space, design, music and culinary are made to measure and hand-stitched.

As in all of our projects, Sir Joan can be read in different insightful levels which are paramount to delivering an immersive experience for our guests.

Contextual insights and insightful stories run as a subtle undercurrent throughout all guest touch points and endow Sir Joan with a compelling quality of an unexpected and authentic familiarity.

The Butcher, Ibiza.
Baranowitz + Kronenberg introduce a safe haven of protein and carbs at the cross road to Pacha, Leo’s and after parties inspired by the maritime life of the Balearics.

The iconic blue delft tiles of the Butcher which serves BK to cover the story of the Butcher have been transformed to bring out the essence of place, where seamen tattoos, sails and navigation charts are the back drop for The Butcher sizzling experience.

Izakaya, Ibiza.
Izakaya goes Balearic and settles at the heart of Sir Joan Hotel. Baranowitz + kronenberg take the initial urban DNAfor Izakaya which they first defined in Amsterdam and transcend it to the realm of a summer resort of laid –back sun-seeking elite, yacht setters and smart party lovers. Perceived as an inside-out venue, Sir Joan’s outdoors and pool are part and parcel of the Izakaya experience. In Izakaya Ibiza people can while away a whole day, attracted by a sense of cosiness and an authentic familiarity which is never traditional.

Inspired by the maritime life of the Balearics, Izakaya’s design resonates with yacht living where walnut wood planks, polished stainless steel details and socialising are fundamental. Sun and shade are also key players on the island and Izakaya is laid out to accommodate all shades.

Baranowitz + Kronenberg reintroduce the iconic Izakaya’s360 degrees bar as a Mecca of sorts, executed in black steel and embraced by an overwhelming wine library set in a state of the art fridges of crystal glass and polished steel. Izakaya’s show kitchen stands out as a socialising venue where parties of 15 happy few share an inspiring culinary performance while seated along the polished steel counter top of the kitchen. Floating above it all is a stainless steel polished lamella ceiling, mirroring and amplifying the unfolding chronicles of Izakaya Living.

Outdoor dining around the pool takes Izakaya under the sun for which Baranowitz + Kronenberg came up with a laid back spatial experience supported by a simple bespoke design gestures where after sunset sun loungers turn into cosy dining tables and cabanas into private dining rooms.

Creative Directors: Irene Kronenberg and Alon Baranowitz
Project Leader: Ruthy Rosenheck Berlin
Team: Ira Miller, Emilie Diers Goldstein
Lighting Design: RTLD, Tel-Aviv
Photographer: Amit Geron