Mr Porter


winner of the entree award for 2016 best restaurant design.

Mr. Porter is a socio-culinary roof top experience celebrating an iconic vista over the city of Amsterdam. This exceptional setting initiated a design approach which on the scale of ‘connecting people’ moves from an introverted personalized restaurant space to an extroverted event that reaches out and connects with the urban sprawl around it.

This duality of scale, of personal versus public, of intimate versus openness is one of the undercurrents which defines The Mr. Porter experience. Our design intent is about balancing this twofold reality by carefully orchestrating programs of exceptional character linearly along the roof top perimeter; programs which reinforce social gathering and programs which tie us back to the streets below; glass seating, kitchen seating , 360 degrees sky bar, lounge and out door roof terrace.

The affinity of the quintessential ‘porterhouse’ with the culinary world of Mr. Porter introduced yet another undercurrent feeding on our design.

Mr. Porter serves a refined steak house experience and redefines the bastions of old with a fresh breath of vision where guests bite into the next generation of steakhouse. Our choice of materials, textures and details pays tribute the challenge; they are lighter in feel, leaner in detail, crisply innovative, classically smart and socially enhancing.