Mad Fox

winner of the entree award for 2017 best club venue.

“You take the blue pill – the story ends. You take the red pill- you stay in wonderland”, following Morpheus’ words, Baranowitz & Kronenberg play on the theme of the real world versus the dream world and the in between. Getting through the door means you picked the red pill; goodbye reality, hello dream.

Baranowitz & Kronenberg suggest an alternative access into the World of the Mad Fox and leads the way through the rabbit hall, the service entrance of the W Amsterdam Hotel. While ‘falling’ through the steel plated service tunnels of the W Amsterdam, reality soon dissolves while the dream world introduces itself.

Once inside, darkness, black concrete and steel prevail. A lighting installation flickers through the entrance floor, wall and ceiling; a time tunnel of sorts leading the crowd out of the tunnel and into wonderland.

Wonderland is prevailed by a bespoke technological ceiling of 1,200 state of the art controlled Led tubes comprising an enigmatic membrane above the central dance floor, pounding on our senses with visionary scenarios.

A peripheral seating arrangement is stepped up all around the main dance floor, embracing and enhancing its heartbeats. Executed with highly reflective black latex fabric and supported by polished individual alcohol pods, it entails the space with a seductive visual richness and a surreal look and feel.

The ‘Alcohol shrine’ is located just off the central floor along a stepped down stretched hallway where the bar counters bear the same ‘time tunnel” look and feel as at the entrance, yet here one lingers and shouldering is of the essence.

At the very end of the bar, bearing neither formality nor prior notice a unisex toilet zone is assaulted with oversized cabins where pixelated ceilings and walls dressed up in black latex emit seductive signals of transcended reality.