The new Herbert Samuel restaurant will takes place in the old port of Yafo, in a restored ottoman building. Between the typical stone walls and arches we create a subtle contemporary kosher restaurant where old and new traditions are melting and ottoman roots are perceptible. Along the entrance wall, wine is honored and displayed in wide glass showcases.

The restaurant offers different seating experiences:
The bar, as a master piece, allows guests to enjoy the space in all its perspective. Fish tapas and salads are prepared right on site and give to appreciate fresh products and cooking shows.

Around the arches, are located tables for 6 to 14 people. Along the fa├žade and multiple windows, tables for 2 to 4 offer a more intimate experience.
The back wall hosts a long and friendly rug booth. On the terrace, seating on long couches, visitors will enjoy the characteristic building courtyard and the nearby sea breeze.

In such a limestone environment we wanted to remind the proximity of the sea and bring the freshness and liveliness of the sea air.

Our goal was to develop an humble and minimalist project using natural materials : wood and marble. Brushed brass reminds Turkish opulence and is mainly used to literally bring light in the restaurant. The beauty and poetry of the light marble brings an humble and lively sophistication. The wood and rich fabrics textures participate to the coziness and acoustic comfort of the atmosphere.

During the day, the space is largely washed by natural light. At night, minimalist lighting will take you back in time and allow you to enjoy an intimate candle diner.