The Duchess


winner of the entree award for 2015 best cocktail bar.

in 2017 the duchess was awarded 1 michelin star.

The Duchess is situated in the heart of Amsterdam, just minutes away from the Royal Palace. The building, originally a bank built over 100 years ago, pulses with heritage and history; boasting high ceilings, impressive stained glass windows and many original fixtures.

The Duchess found her inspiration in the spirit of ‘Grand Brasseries’ and the history of the former Bank, yet infused it with her own eccentric character. As such, the lavish contemporary interior perfectly balances the elegance and sophistication of her distant royal past with the comfort and intrigue of our time. The overwhelming central hall with its ornamented glass ceiling, its black and marble details, a beautiful hand crafted floor tiles and the intricate wooden door frames, all create an easy-going ambiance.

The property is no longer an exclusive domain but rather a city place which acknowledges the great value of simple things, suggesting the past and present can do more than co-exist; they can enrich one another. The remarkable tea lounge, with an incredible view over the Singel canal, reminds one of an Alice in Wonderland tea party with an abundance of teacups, teapots and cake tiers