The upscale and refined kosher restaurant is located in an old two-story storage facility. We chose to emphasize the tension between the building’s industrial identity and the kosher kitchen while stressing the unique qualities of both.

The existing building components: columns, beams and stairs were left untouched and exposed.

To highlight the Holy, we drew inspiration from the Jewish “Shabbat Table”. On Friday evenings Jewish families gather together to light up candles and say a prayer to welcome the Shabbat. The Shabbat table is covered by a beautiful and intricate lace table cloth which bestows the event with an air of festivity and holiness. This table cloth is an icon, a symbol of Jewish tradition that we used as an imagery to be integrated into the “industrial” space.

We created our own interpretation of the embroidery by using a semi-open glazed terra cote tile of 16cmX16cmX6cm installed one next to the other and producing a three dimensional lace-like image.
A subtle and beautiful dialogue emerges from the juxtaposition of the two different realities. A conciliation between the sacred and the mundane.