Ame Jewelry, LA


Ame Jewelry, LA


Baranowitz+Kronenberg designs the bricks and mortar for AME, a new brand of fine diamonds jewelry which sets to disrupt any convention in its category and redefines the high-end jewelry store experience, turning it upside down with a state of the art interpretation and full of soul.

AME has been conceived to challenge every single touch point of its consumers; jewelry design, diamonds (lab diamonds), store design and the way it engages with its audience. Ame transcends gender, age and cultural boundaries. It introduces a new Luxury bound by different values and priorities for an audience that appreciates everyday beauty, diversity and authenticity. It is inclusive and kind and aims at elevating our spirits through meticulous craft and attention to details every day of the week.

B+K design captures that very essence and developed their design to ignite the imagination, explore and be inspired. Believing that there is an inherent natural order in our world, AME is introduced as an experiential platform which is simultaneously tangible and ephemeral. Walking through the house of AME alludes to a walk through a soaring forest; intuitive, compelling and an open-ended where the jewelries transcend from the world of Luxury into the realm of the senses and emotions and from the realm of exclusivity to an everyday feeling.

Spatially, AME reveals itself as a soaring ‘monochromatic forest’ of sorts using earthly materials of refined simplicity that evoke a passion for craft and the traces of hand-made objects; Micro cement floor with hexagon-inspired steel inlays serve as the canvas on which the store is laid. 3D felt panels are stretched along the walls of the store and endow a sense of a rich verticality while a reflective stainless steel ceiling and back wall charge the store with an illusionary depth and height that enhances the fantastic nature of AME.

Walking around the jewelry display pods and hanging capsules allow consumers to slow down and engage in the act of revealing and contemplating at the enticing jewelry pieces, each within its own glass cloche, served rather than displayed.

Creative Directors: Irene Kronenberg and Alon Baranowitz
Team: Ira Miller
Lighting Design: RTLD, Tel-Aviv
Photographer: Amit Geron